The Leon Frazer process starts with Leon Frazer’s high-level economic view, which is based on both domestic and global conditions.

The portfolio management team meets on a weekly basis to discuss economic conditions and their impact of the firm’s long-term investment themes. This is critical because the long-term investment themes are used to determine investment weightings in the key sectors of the economy. These views will also determine cash weightings.

The Leon Frazer portfolio invests in companies that make up the “backbone” of the economy. Depending on economic conditions at least 40-60% of the portfolio is generally invested in pipelines, utilities, telecoms, and financial services.

“These are companies that people need everyday,” says Douglas Kee, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer. “You turn on your lights. You heat your home. You pay bank charges. You use your wireless plan. These companies tend to have reliable earnings, improved cash flow prospects and less volatility over the long-term.”

The companies that Leon Frazer selects not only form the backbone of the economy, but are industry leaders. They are led by experienced, principled and disciplined management teams, and provide quality goods and services that have a long life cycle.

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