Private Wealth

For almost 80 years, Leon Frazer & Associates has managed portfolios on behalf of private clients and their families. During that period, the firm has managed successfully through long periods of rising interest rates, and long periods of declining interest rates.

Leon Frazer believes that inflation and interest rates are the most important considerations in ensuring long-term financial security. We also believe the main purpose of investing is to provide a steady source of growing income and long-term capital appreciation so that our clients will always be able to afford their lifestyles after their retirement.

Leon Frazer’s investment philosophy is simple — protect your money, then grow it. There are four pillars to this philosophy:

  • Preservation of capital
  • Maintain buying power against inflation
  • Long-term capital appreciation, and
  • Time in the market versus market timing.

The firm’s investment process strives to deliver superior investment returns while safeguarding the value of the investment portfolio. Our strong long-term returns speak for themselves.

The firm remains committed to providing objective, unbiased investment counsel to individuals, corporations, holding companies, investment funds, trusts and estates.

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