A Thought-Provoking Discussion on the Overcrowded Private Client Market

December 05, 2017

On Wednesday, November 8th, 2017, Dona Eull-Schultz, President of Leon Frazer & Associates and Portfolio Manager, was one of this year’s thought-provoking and inspiring speakers at PMAC’s National Conference, Traversing the Future of the Asset Management Landscape. Ms. Eull-Schultz moderated the four panel discussion about “the overcrowded private client market; perspectives on business growth and retention”.

Why are some firms growing rapidly while others are losing clients? How are firms handling intergenerational wealth transfer successfully? The panel provided both research and personal insights into common mistakes firms are making and the winning strategies for success in the overcrowded private client space.

For further insight, please visit the website of the Portfolio Management Association of Canada for the audio of the 2017 National Conference presentation material.