Established in 1939 as one of Canada’s first investment counselling firms, Leon Frazer & Associates has built an enviable track record investing in Canadian companies through periods of war, inflation and market volatility.

We provide comprehensive investment counsel to individuals, corporations, holding companies, investment funds, trusts and estates through Leon Frazer’s time-tested process: focusing on companies with a track record of growing dividends to keep volatility low.

This process involves investing in companies with growing dividends at the right time, for the right price, and then holding an investment for at least five years. It is an effective strategy in both “up years” and “down years” – regardless of interest rates – because the dividend increases in the holdings drive growth in both income and capital, offering capital protection in volatile markets.

Our four-pillar approach involves:

1. Preserving capital
2. Maintaining buying power against inflation
3. Long-term capital appreciation
4. Time in the market versus market timing

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Leon Frazer & Associates is a business name of CWB Wealth Management Ltd. (“CWBWM”). CWBWM is a subsidiary of Canadian Western Bank and a member of the CWB Financial Group.)