Coming together with CWB Financial Group

May 11, 2020

In early March, I wrote to let you know that our parent company would be changing to CWB Financial Group subject to final closing of the transaction. As the closing date approaches, I’d like to share with you some of the features which appealed to, and were factors in, CWB’s decision to purchase T.E. Wealth and Leon Frazer & Associates.

Progress is best accomplished when core values are aligned. As noted by Chris Fowler, CWB’s CEO and president, in a March 2, 2020 press release, “We are committed to accelerating the growth of our boutique full-service offering for successful business families. T.E. and Leon Frazer bring recognized talent and scale to our key markets and we believe these teams will be an excellent fit with our people-first, relationship-focused culture.” We have always kept an eye on how our actions will impact clients and employees alike before moving in a new direction, and are pleased to know we’ll be working with an organization that shares this approach.

Matt Evans, President and CEO of CWB Wealth Management, echoed Chris Fowler’s sentiment on the importance of a relationship-centric process in that same release. “We are very excited to welcome T.E. Wealth and Leon Frazer to the CWB family. Both are deeply established businesses with highly respected investment counsellors who maintain trusted client relationships, in many cases going back several generations.

It’s truly rewarding to have a third party recognize the value our team brings, our approach to managing client assets over many generations and the importance of you, our clients. We look forward to collaborating with CWB on new ways to enrich your experience with us, and continue to welcome your input as we move forward.

Here’s a bit more about CWB Financial Group:
CWB’s Beginnings: CWB was founded 35 years ago, during a time of economic uncertainty. Canadian business owners were struggling to get the financing they needed to thrive, and CWB stepped up to support them. Since then, they’ve grown with these, and many other individual Canadians, offering a range of financial services.

CWB Services: CWB Financial Group is a diversified financial services organization that provides specialized service across Canada in business and personal banking, equipment financing, trust services and wealth management.

CWB Values: CWB’s values embrace participation in the growth, development and sustainability of their communities; providing an equitable and inclusive environment for a diverse workforce; and reducing their environmental footprint by managing GHG emissions, waste and a sustainable infrastructure.

Mark Arthur, CEO
T.E. Wealth and Leon Frazer & Associates

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