Feeling harried by headlines? Here’s some perspective

April 24, 2020

Hope everyone is well and keeping safe. There’s still a lot going on in Canada – and the world.

The price of oil dropping to basement levels, the tragedy in Nova Scotia, our neighbours to the south protesting to open up the economy, the U.S. Senate passing a US$484-billion relief package for small business, hospitals and COVID testing, and Prime Minister Trudeau spending $9 billion to help out students who won’t be able to find jobs. Closer to home, trying to convince our 20-year-old that he can’t go see his girlfriend has lead to some heated arguments in our house. I try to remind myself of how I was at 20 and be sympathetic, but I really just want to tell him to grow up, stop thinking about himself and be done with all the talking. This article from Dr. Nikore helps put things into perspective for the socially frustrated youth – and all of us really!

The markets have had a nice rebound in the past three to four weeks, but many people are concerned about government debt levels and the number of Canadians now out of work. Almost half of all employed Canadians have high personal debt levels and live paycheck to paycheck, and now many of them don’t have that paycheck. Longer term projections show signs of uncertainty. Lieh Wang, CIO for T.E. Wealth and Leon Fraser & Associates, shares his market insights in his latest commentary titled, The stock market is not the economy.

Terry Willis
Vice President & Financial Consultant,
T.E. Wealth