Leon Frazer & Associates Recognizes the Importance of Canada’s National Ballet School

March 07, 2018

On March 1, 2018, Canada’s National Ballet School hosted its annual fundraising Gala, themed La Belle Époque. The beautiful era of the turn of the 20th century Paris, la Belle Époque, was a place and time of both great spectacle and significant progress; a world hub for technological advancement, education, optimism, grandeur and joy. Much like Paris during “the beautiful era”, NBS today is a beacon for technological progress, profound artistry and the human spirit. The School’s programs embrace innovation to reflect the changing nature of ballet in the 21st century, and foster widespread arts education opportunities for everyone, encouraging improved health and well-being through dance and movement.

Funds raised at the annual fundraising event help support the nearly 75% of students who require financial assistance to attend the Professional Ballet Program, and the development of new resources, program development, teacher training, and technological enhancements that help grow NBS’ flagship community program, Sharing Dance.

Leon Frazer & Associates has been a proud supporter over the years and our President, Dona Eull-Schultz, is a former member of the Board of Directors and chaired the annual golf tournament for 2 years. Ms. Eull-Schultz is pictured 4th from the right in the photo below.

For further information on Canada’s National Ballet School and other fundraising initiatives, please visit their website.