Leon Frazer & Associates Recognizes the Contributions of Live Different

May 21, 2019

Live Different, a registered Canadian charity, is passionate about making a difference in the world. The organization is committed to inspiring people to embrace hope and change. Through motivational presentations in Canada and humanitarian volunteer opportunities in the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Haiti and Thailand, the charity aims to make the world a safer, better and more hopeful place for those in greatest need.

Live Different’s development model combines sustainable community development practices with integrated volunteering. Their build projects focus on mutual empowerment, with volunteers working alongside community members to fulfill basic human needs.

Valerie Pippy Build

Being Part of the Change

Valerie Pippy, Senior Vice President and Financial Consultant at our sister company, T.E. Wealth, can personally attest to the impact Live Different has made on her. Through Val’s efforts, lives in Canada, Haiti and the Dominican Republic have been significantly changed.

Val was first introduced to Live Different when she spent 10 days in the Dominican Republic as part of a T.E. Wealth-sponsored Project Build. Upon returning home, Val was motivated to do more and began organizing a build for her family and friends to experience together. Val’s first Memorial Build provided two families in the Dominican Republic with quality housing and over 300 school children in Haiti with a nutritious meal each week for the entire school year.

This spring, Val organized yet another build, organizing a crew of 30 members, including two of her clients. She is already making plans for her return next year, with the goal of building three homes.

Getting Involved

You, too, can play a role in bringing change to the lives of families and communities. Making a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of others often simply begins with saying “yes.” Visit www.livedifferent.com to find out how you can be part of that change.

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