Leon Frazer introduces new chief operating officer

March 30, 2008

Dedication to client service has always been a fundamental principle of Dona Eull-Schultz’s investment practice.

Now, in her newly created role as Chief Operating Officer at Leon Frazer & Associates, that commitment is stronger than ever.

Since 1939, Leon Frazer has been dedicated to protecting client money against inflation

For over 30 years, Dona has built her practice on understanding her clients’ needs, then finding the financial solutions to meet those needs. Her philosophy has been a key part of her career in financial services, from stockbroker, to portfolio manager, to executive management positions within the wealth management industry.

She believes the financial services industry faces an ongoing challenge to meet and exceed the increasingly sophisticated demands of clients. Exceptional client service and dedication to relationship management is often what distinguishes one firm over another. And that’s exactly what drew her to Leon Frazer.

Dona recognized Leon Frazer as a “hidden gem,” and thinks of the firm as one of Canada’s best-kept secrets. Leon Frazer has sustained its long-term commitment to the basic concept of protecting people’s assets from inflation since 1939. Dona feels this accomplishment is a true legacy to the dedication, perseverance and commitment of Leon Frazer, George Frazer, Bill Tynkaluk and colleagues.

Dona is excited her new role in the firm will also allow her to stay true to the basic philosophy of her beliefs: to not only meet, but exceed client expectations. Dona believes education is key. She feels it is imperative that there is an understanding, within all levels of an organization, as to how the client functions and what is important to them. To achieve this, she aims to ensure the right people are in the right jobs and have the proper training, support and recognition to allow them to do their jobs well.

State-of-the-art technology and an increasingly global market have brought significant changes to the traditional financial services business model. Yet, despite these developments, the fundamental principles underpinning the industry remain essentially unchanged. This is why the company has been so successful in maintaining the same long-term commitment to clients and managing assets that Leon Frazer first established almost 70 years ago.

Dona feels it is important for a company to understand their clients’ needs, expectations and goals. She aims to provide a forum for ongoing communication and invites any feedback and comments. By combining the key characteristics of flexibility, dedication and innovation, Dona is working to ensure the dedication to client service Leon Frazer has been known for over the past 70 years, will continue into the future.