The Leon Frazer approach starts with a high-level economic view, which is based on both domestic and global conditions. Individual stocks are then analyzed using a proprietary discounted cash flow model. We look at base case, best case and worst case scenarios using 10-year projections in order to evaluate both the risk in owning a stock, as well as its fair value.

Our seasoned team of portfolio managers meet regularly to review the securities in the Leon Frazer portfolio, and to discuss any re-weightings or new stock ideas.


We invest in companies that make up the backbone of the economy. They are industry leaders, led by experienced, principled and disciplined management teams. These companies produce products or services that we use daily through good times and bad. Whether it’s for texting on our smart phones or heating our homes, they provide quality goods and services that have a long life cycle.

Depending on economic conditions, at least 40 to 60% of the portfolio is generally invested in pipelines, utilities, telecoms and financial services. These companies produce strong and stable cash flows, resulting in reliable and growing dividends.

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