The Leon Frazer Client Art Gallery Presents: Journeys into the Landscape, an exhibition of works by Don Snider

June 29, 2016

Two years ago, Leon Frazer & Associates turned blank office walls into the Leon Frazer Client Art Gallery, a showcase of the artistic talents of its clients. Under the supervision of curator Virginia Trieloff, a renowned painter, curator and Vice President of OCAD University Alumni Association, client work is displayed for Leon Frazer’s employees, clients, business partners and visitors to enjoy and purchase.

Hopewell RockOn Wednesday June 15, Leon Frazer hosted their 3rd client artist opening reception. Guests previewed the works of Don Snider, an artist of local attachments not only to his native Eastern Toronto but also to that dramatic 15 kilometer windswept and eroded stretch along the Lake Ontario shore where he has lived for the past 20 years. Journeys into the Landscape shows Snider’s exploration into abstracting the visual reality one sees and feels when alone with Nature. In playing with abstraction, Snider extracts from his landscapes a release of energies… of chromatic vibrations… and distills from the light and atmosphere of the scene before him its poetic essence.

The works will be on display for viewing and for sale until the end of August 2016. A new show will be announced in early September.